A Perfect Place for your Dogs day out

We are now enrolling new dogs to our doggie daycare!

Doggie Day Care at the DSPCA is the perfect place for your dogs day out. You can be rest assured that your dog will be kept entertained and happy while you are at work. Our daycare is extremely popular and we would advise booking your pet in block booking your days. 

Booking your dog into Day Care is as simple as one, two, three!

Doggie Day Care
first step

Your Dog’s Induction Period

This is a period of 5 hotel suite bookings on Mon - Fri only. They do not need to be consecutive days. We do recommend breaking the days up with rest days in between as daycare can be tiring physically and mentally. 

Our Day Care staff will get to know your dog and slowly integrate them with their new furry friends.

Your dog will have a suite in our dog hotel if they become stressed, overwhelmed or are not suited they will still receive walks and playtime with staff until you are available to collect.

Daycare operates from 7AM - 7PM, you can drop and collect within these hours except for between 1PM - 2PM when reception is closed there will be no handover of pets.

From Certified Canine Carers to Qualified Dog Trainers and Canine First Responders, your dog will be in the best hands.

At the end of each induction day, you will be provided with a full report on your dogs experience at Daycare.

The induction rate is €42.00 per day over 5 days 

Restricted Breeds: If your dog is a restricted breed they must be muzzled. See restricted breeds list here.

first step

Your Dog’s First Day.

Drop your dog off in the morning for a jam packed day of supervised off lead playtime.

Our staff are trained to encourage appropriate playing that builds social skills and good doggie manners, with some basic training done too!

With indoor and outdoor areas, we have multiple Wendy Houses, paddling pools, tunnels & tires and of course plenty of comfy beds for cuddle time with their new best friend.

first step

Your Dog’s Collected.

Your dog is sure to be all tired out when you pick them up at the end of the day, ready to enjoy a relaxing evening at home with you. And don’t forget to check out our social media for your daily dose of Doggie Day Care photos!


Cancellation Policy; We require at least 24hours notice to reschedule a daycare day, bookings cancelled within 24hours of your booked day can not be rescheduled.

All payments are non refundable at any stage. 

Your dog doesn’t like other dogs?

Not a problem as you can avail of our Dayboarding. This is where your dog will get walks, off lead playtime and lots of cuddles and still have their own suite to relax and chill out in. In this environment they can get used to other dogs in a calm and controlled manner to slowly build their confidence and socialise them in the best way. This is at our hotel rate.

Vaccination Policy:

All pets must be up to date on all booster vaccinations. They all must also have the Kennel Cough Vaccine.

Once Kennel Cough has been administrated you must wait 14 days before bringing your dog into doggie day care or the pet hotel, this is for all cases for time vaccinations & yearly renewals. As this is a live vaccine it will put your pet and others at risk.

Proof off vaccinations are required at reception along with the agreement form signed & completed. If you fail to present proof of up to date vaccinations your pet will be refused entry.

vaccination policy

How to enroll?

To request the forms email [email protected] to then book your assessment day.

By entering your pet into our hotel & daycare you are agreeing to our full Terms & Conditions

All dogs over the age of 7 Months must be neutered/spayed to attend daycare. This means once your dog is over 6 months can not attend daycare until he/she has been neutered/spayed.