Covid-19 Procedures

Our reception will remain closed to the public. If you need to purchase any food or treats for your pet we can do this over the phone and leave them with your pet when collecting.

There will be no public access to our Pet Hotel & Doggie Daycare reception.

Please phone us from your car if you are checking in a pet or collecting from the hotel.

Each dog is individually housed unless you have several pets and are OK for them to share the same suite throughout their stay.

Lots of Cuddles and TLC to ensure that your pet loves their stay with us, are included in our daily rates.

new handover

We have a new handover area for your pets. A canine carer will come to the gate, you place your dog in from your side of the gate, remove their lead and close it over. Once shut the canine carer will open their gate and take your dog. The same procedure for collection.

Please allow for extra time on drop off & collection there will be delays while you are waiting to leave your dog and when collecting.

Hotel check ins & collections will be by appointed time only.

We will contact you before your pets check in to arrange a check in time & your pets feeding, the instructions given over the phone or by email are what we will follow throughout your pets stay. If you include extra food or treats that are not in the original instructions these will not be given.

If your pet is on medication it must have the vet label on the packaging as we can only follow these instructions.

Daycare days MUST be pre-booked & pre-paid in advance by card over the phone.

Hotel stays MUST be prepaid in advance.

We can only accept card payments over the phone.

Dogs MUST be fed before arrival to daycare or after you collect.

There will be no handling of food containers or bags.

We cannot accept bedding; we have our own which we will put in with your pet throughout their stay. Unless your dog requires special bedding for medical or breed needs.

aycare: Leads must be taken home with you we cannot hold these for you throughout the day.

If your pet’s vaccines require updating on your system these must be emailed prior to your pets visit, you can send a photo of the vaccine card or ask your vet to send us a copy by email.

We do not have access to any vet system to get your pets vaccines.

Pets with no vaccines on file will not be accepted.

ALWAYS remain two meters apart from other clients in the car park.

If you have been unwell or are feeling unwell with Covid-19 symptoms please do not bring your pet to us, arrange for a family member or friend to drop/collect.